Owlpharma joins 3PARL® to propel mission for ethical GMP supply chains in Life Sciences

3PARL® consortium welcomes Owlpharma, embracing their enthusiastic commitment to shaping auditing excellence

Stevenage, UK – January 31st, 2024 – Emphasising a shared commitment to integrity and innovation in life sciences GMP auditing, the 3PARL® consortium proudly welcomes Owlpharma as its newest member. Owlpharma, an influential player in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, is set to contribute its expertise in comprehensive consultancy and auditing services, to further enhance the consortium’s mission of establishing a global benchmark for ethical manufacturing supply chain audits.

The new Third-Party Audit Report Library (3PARL®) consortium, fronted by Rephine and Eurofins Healthcare continues to lead the way in shaping the landscape of supply chain audits. With a focus on consistency, reliability, and high-quality Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audit services, 3PARL attracts industry leaders like Owlpharma, sharing a dedication to upholding the highest standards.

Owlpharma’s decision to join 3PARL is driven by a commitment to address current challenges in the life sciences industry. With a decade-long presence in Portugal, they’ve excelled in GxP auditing and quality consultancy services. Aligned with 3PARL’s core principles, Owlpharma will actively contribute innovative ideas, emphasising a collective effort to define and elevate consortium standards. This collaborative approach ensures consistent, compliant rigor and audit quality, supporting 3PARL’s mission to establish ethical GMP supply chains in the life sciences industry.

Commenting on Owlpharma’s membership, Adam Sherlock, Rephine’s CEO, said, “The 3PARL Consortium is rapidly gaining momentum amongst both premium, trusted, service providers like Owlpharma, and with our collective partners and customers across the life sciences product manufacturing value chain. Setting a clear position that quality, transparency and ethical standards of conduct are of paramount importance, aligns those in this sector who have a shared set of values. On behalf of the 3PARL Consortium, we are delighted to welcome the Owlpharma team as members and we look forward to their active contribution to enhancing standards within supply chain auditing.”

César Gonçalves, Owlpharma’s Managing Director, shares his insights about why it’s important for them to join 3PARL, adding, “The integrity of auditing services is crucial to all players within life sciences business. Today it is essential to define ethical and quality standards that protect this integrity. 3PARL concept is the answer to this growing need and is absolutely aligned with Owlpharma core principles. It makes total sense for us to adhere to the project as we are eager to contribute to its definition.”

To find out more about 3PARL and how you can get involved please email [email protected]

About Rephine

Rephine is a firm of deeply experienced GxP consultants, auditors and practitioners. The company proactively helps pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies with all aspects of their manufacturing and supply chain quality assurance and associated business process optimisation.

Widely acknowledged to be the gold standard in its field, Rephine has been providing these specialist quality assurance services for more than 25 years. Rephine is a founding member of 3PARL®, a consortium that aims to set a new benchmark for consistent, reliable, high-quality supply chain Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audit services and library reports.

More at www.rephine.com 

About Owlpharma

Owlpharma is a consultancy company, established in 2013, with specialised services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Driven by an innovative and high-standard vision, Owlpharma services reflect the work of a highly competent team responsible for making it a reference company in several areas, such as auditing services.

Owlpharma recognises that a thorough audit process is fundamental to ensuring high quality standards across the pharmaceutical supply chain. Therefore, their auditors carry out audits with a consistent and rigorous approach and provide detailed reports to their clients to confirm compliance with quality standards.

More at www.owlpharma.pt

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3PARL® consortium welcomes Owlpharma, embracing their enthusiastic commitment to shaping auditing excellence.
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Owlpharma joins 3PARL® to propel mission for ethical GMP supply chains in Life Sciences

3PARL® consortium welcomes Owlpharma, embracing their enthusiastic commitment to shaping auditing excellence.
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