A newly established international consortium to assure the life sciences industry of a consistent high standard of GMP supply chain audits

Our vision and commitment to global impartiality

At the core of the 3PARL® Consortium is an unwavering commitment to prioritise product and patient safety, revolving around establishing a consistent, ethical, and sustainable framework of operational and behavioural standards within the healthcare industry.

Our mission is to foster trust among audit sponsors, healthcare providers, and patients in regulated markets, ensuring the quality, safety, and integrity of life sciences products. This trust is rooted in the unswerving consistency and robustness of auditing practices within the 3PARL® consortium.

Our focus on transparency extends to all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, guaranteeing the quality of global medicinal product manufacturing and instilling the highest level of trust and confidence among manufacturers, healthcare professionals, regulators, and patients, all while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and quality standards.

3PARL® core values

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Maintaining high GMP auditing standards with integrity

Our commitment extends to auditing for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance. We set the bar for ethical and high-standard auditing practices, and providing impartial, quality reports.
This not only benefits manufacturers but also assures end product quality, emphasising patient safety and healthcare industry integrity, with consistent high standard GMP supply chain audits.


Elevating quality and safety in maufacturing

Within the life sciences, biotech, pharma, and medical devices sectors, 3PARL® sets new presidential standards for manufacturing supply chains.

We’re dedicated to upholding the highest quality and safety standards, guaranteeing that products are adhered to global GMP regulations and quality standards. Our focus on ethical practices ensures the well-being of all involved.


Prioritising safety and peace of mind

End patient well-being is at the heart of the 3PARL Consortium.
Our standards are set to prioritise health and safety, providing reassurance to both clients and patients that the products manufactured within the 3PARL® framework adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. This ensures peace of mind and a commitment to safeguarding patient health.

Join industry leaders in shaping healthcare's future

As the healthcare landscape evolves, the initiation of this transformative change begins with industry leaders like you.

We invite you to get in touch with us today to explore how you can become an integral part of this movement. Your involvement in our mission will not only help shape the future of healthcare for GMP compliance, but also showcase your commitment to sustainable industry frameworks. 

Two men in suits standing together shaking hands at an event
Founding member leaders
Corrado Lagioni, Managing Director, Eurofins Healthcare
and Adam Sherlock, CEO, Rephine

3PARL® Consortium members

Find out more from official press releases to see why our current
consortium members have come together to make a change


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Newly established 3PARL® consortium to assure global life sciences industry of consistent high standard of GMP supply chain audits

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Your involvement matters

If you are interested in becoming a 3PARL® member, or you would like to find out more about the consortium, contact the 3PARL® team today.