Rephine awarded “Industry Partner of the Year” and “Excellence in Pharma”

Rephine has received two prestigious awards that recognise the company’s unparalleled support to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Global Generics and Biosimilars “Industry partner of the Year” award acknowledges companies that work with or alongside generics and biosimilars manufacturers and suppliers. Judges of the award said Rephine had made an “important contribution in times of travel restrictions and globalisation”, describing the organisation as “an essential partner for the industry in order to have kept it functioning during the difficult times and issues raised by the pandemic.” Its assistance in important regulatory processes was described as “critical to increasing access”.

The CPhI Pharma “Excellence in Pharma: Supply Chain, Logistic and Distribution” celebrates companies and individuals who are driving the pharmaceutical industry forward through innovations, technologies and strategies. Rephine Catena has been honoured for bringing breakthrough benefits to the quality assurance and compliance of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Thanks to its powerful and innovative software, Catena enables to map and connect any drug producer to its entire supplier network by providing compliance monitoring for each drug.

Rephine receives the GGBA 2021

Rephine is extremely honoured to be recognised by its peers for its continual support to the industry. The organisation is

confident that it will continue to innovate and increase the value provided to its numerous clients and auditees worldwide.

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