Effect on the business:
As you will be aware, the COVID-19 outbreak is causing global disruption across all industries including the pharmaceutical supply chain, and the ability to conduct onsite audits at manufacturing facilities.
Based on discussions with manufacturers worldwide, Rephine has postponed a number of audits in the upcoming 1-2 months and will be rearranging these once the global situation becomes clearer 
and where appropriate conduct remote audits in the meantime to allow for continual supplier qualification. Rephine is working with suppliers, auditors and regulators to ensure that these remote audits will be valid for use and further will be provided shortly. If any of the postponements has caused a problem for you, please contact Rephine to resolve the issue.
Rephine’s library of audit reports continues to be available for purchase, and provides a suitable and practical alternative to conducting onsite audits. This list contains audit reports of 200 manufacturers and can be found online at: Rephine audit reports are conducted by highly experienced auditors, the majority of which are QPs, and are accepted by regulatory authorities worldwide.

Effect on the people:
By practising social distancing and limiting interactions with others, we can help prevent coronavirus from spreading. We took immediate steps to protect our workforce. All of our employees are working from home and available in normal working hours. We are all fine and healthy.

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